Kimberly Shultz Counseling

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Kim's  current rate for your 50-minute session ranges from $100- $150.   She also offers  phone sessions and 90 minute sessions. 


There are many reasons why I no longer accept insurance.  

The client must be given a diagnosis that the Insurance company considers "billable".  Many common issues that people seek counseling for are no longer considered billable and insurance denies payment.  It takes anywhere from 4-16 weeks for me to get paid, if I get paid at all. Once the client has a formal diagnosis, that DX will follow them for the rest of their life.  I've had insurance companies call and request all notes and records for clients so they can possibly deny  or cancel their life insurance.  Some of my client's plans only allow 4 sessions per year!  Some insurance companies are now only paying for 30-40 minute sessions.   Most importantly, without the limitations of insurance restrictions, your counseling experience can be tailored to meet your specific needs.